HiLink aims to revolutionize the traditional workspace by incorporating a ‘Co-Working’ model which promotes cooperation, collaboration and partnership between enterprises. At the heart of HiLink’s mission is the belief that every business should be able to access high-quality services that will help them succeed. HiLink has partnered with top-of-the-line suppliers of essential business services to assist companies and organizations in…


HiCorp implements specialized real estate development projects. HiCorp always updates on advanced development ideas. In the field of real estate exploitation, HiCorp advocates for the development of residential, office and specialized real estate with high-end brands and amenities such as HiHomes. In addition, HiCorp has been and is implementing synchronous development in the essential complementary areas: Real Estate, Co-Working, Co-Living.…


HiPress is a creative media company specializing in consulting and building communication campaigns to improve brand image, make an impression on branding, attract public attention, contribute to do business efficienctly in Vietnam’s market.